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Research human behaviour and design meaningful experiences in our industry-focused postgraduate certificate with co-op option.

Industry Project

Access to maternal healthcare services in Central Nigeria

In partnership with the Council of Entrepreneurs for Africa, students conducted a study of expectant mothers and their access to antenatal healthcare services in suburban Abuja.

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Through the postgraduate certificate I was able to transition to a career in user-experience research and fulfill my dream of working at Shopify.

Simran Singh
UX Researcher

Research-based design

Skills for an evolving job market*

Icon that represents empathy and reasoning.Icon that represents analysis and critique.Icon that represents creativity and ideation.
Empathy and reasoning

Approach and examine complex problems from a human perspective.

Analysis and critique

Leverage research to identify needs and define the problem space.

Creativity and ideation

Explore, model and validate evidence-based design strategies.


Interdisciplinary postgraduate studies that prepare students for a career in design research and strategy.

Co-op Option

Graduate certificate

An eight-month Ontario College Graduate Certificate with a four-month, paid co-op option. Professionals in this field examine the intersection of ethnographic research, experience design, digital technology, and business requirements to create evidence-based strategies that direct the development of products, policies, systems and services.

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Students have the opportunity to participate in several extracurricular activities throughout the year.

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Design jams

Team-based, creative problem-solving activities with local schools and businesses.

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Master classes

Focused instruction led by industry professionals on a range of skills and methods.

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Field trips

On-site visits with industry partners and participation in community events.


Students use research to model experience and design strategic frameworks for real-world projects.

Venn diagram showing the intersection of theory, research, and design.
Design theory

Theoretical frameworks and conceptual foundations that position and support design strategies and outcomes within a broader body of knowledge.

Research methods

Ethnographic methods for the ethical collection, curation, and analysis of data that is used to identify statistical patterns and qualitative themes.

Experience design

Participatory and collaborative activities for creating evidence-based models that define a problem space and describe proposed principles and strategies.

Industry Project

Creating an enhanced museum experience for students and youth.

Students partnered with the Canadian Museum of History to explore how high-school students and young adults might interact with artefacts that are not accessible to the public.

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This program offered fun and engaging classes, experienced instructors, and practical projects. And, in the end, it helped me get an amazing full-time job.

Julia Milner
UX Researcher
Statistics Canada


We work with businesses, governments and NGOs to provide students an industry-focused learning experience.

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Industry projects

Students apply their skills and knowledge to complex, real-world problems by working directly with clients to plan, manage, and develop research-based industry projects.


Throughout the academic year, students have the opportunity to apply for part-time employment with various industry partners in both public and private sectors.

Co-op placement

A four-month, paid industry placement that provides students an opportunity to apply their research and design skills to real-world projects and gain work experience.


A team of senior industry professionals bringing decades of experience into the classroom.

Headshot of Lorraine Chapman
Lorraine Chapman

Senior Director of Healthcare


Headshot of Paul Thibaudeau
Paul Thibaudeau

Design Anthropologist

Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada

Headshot of Joel Grenier
Joel Grenier

Head of Design


Headshot of Alasdair Stuart-Bell
Alasdair Stuart-Bell

Partner, Research & Design Lead

Jumping Elephants

Headshot of Jennifer Fraser
Jennifer Fraser

Director of User-Experience


Headshot of Vanessa Thomas
Vanessa Thomas

IT Research Analyst

Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada

Headshot of Maria Frangos
Maria Frangos

Director of User-Experience

1 Valet

Headshot of Kevin Grignon
Kevin Grignon

Design Lead & Studio Director

IBM Canada

Headshot of Jed Looker
Jed Looker

Program Coordinator

Algonquin College

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